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Author / Illustrator

“Staying Home” wins major Alcoa Sculpture Award at Castaways Sculpture Exhibition


‘Staying Home’ came out of a growing sense that the natural world needed a voice.

First I was making nests weaving them on frames, then with wire and finally with sticks.

But go back some more and you will find me playing with chrystaline tissue paper. The Stone Elephant picture book is an example of this.

Then the birds came, forming in my hands from crumpled up tissue paper sewn together with silk thread and covered with more tissue paper, gold leaf and silk cocoons.

I was following my intuition, asking all the time to know how to speak for this beautiful world we live in.

I didn’t know they needed a house till I met Lyn Di Ciero, the Castaways curator and then it was another journey to find out what kind of house.

I think in this work my background as a storyteller came through and the art took on new life.

Winning the award is confirmation I am a storyteller/sculpture. I love the process of seeing a work unfold to its best potential.

That’s what Lyn did, she pressed the button to unlock my potential. Nothing is ever created alone. So many people helped. They took photographs, found wooden stumps, painted walls.

In a time when we are restricted we can trust our dreams and fly free as a bird.

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