Artist / Sculptor

Author / Illustrator


Knitting a wire work piece for an installation

I am a storyteller through art using whichever medium suits the current work.

I enjoy having several different projects happening at once, each one informing the direction and outcome of the others.

Rather than narrowing my gaze it has become broader. New work excites me.There are no failures only the sense that some ideas may take longer to mature.

  • Paintings

    I seek to develop a graphic and visual language that adequately expresses a deep shifting truth.

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  • Sculpture

    Prices vary. If they are not in the shop please contact me.

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  • Illustration and books

    Liliana Stafford has published twelve books, two of which have been published internationally. She has won the Hoffman Award and been shortlisted for the WA Premier’s Award and the Environment Award. Liliana’s highly-acclaimed children’s book Amelia Ellicott’s Garden has recently become a play with La Luna Youth Arts in Townsville. Amelia Ellicott’s Garden was also an honour book in the 2001 CBC...

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  • Installation

    I am currently working towards an installation for my Exhibition In Whitespace May 2019. Installation excites me but it needs space. The exhibition space I have chosen is BIG!

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  • Fibre Work

    Working with fibre has been a slowly evolving love affair that began many years ago when my mother taught me embroidery and knitting. Then came weaving but always my way. I use the knowledge gained then to create work for now and combine the fibres with wire,silk, tissue paper and wood to create my own dreams.

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  • Stafford Studios

    A place to play and work. As the ideas grow so does the need for space. Ed works in his shed and I work in the studio, on the back veranda and the kitchen table. Over time we have begun to work together and enjoy the sharing of skills and ideas. ‘Stafford Studios’ is something we joked about over a...

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  • Talks & workshops

    I am available for workshops and author talks through the Literature Centre.   My workshops and author talks focus mainly on how to turn fact into fiction and encouraging reading, writing, art and storytelling for all ages. I work with large stuffed animals, dress-ups, hand puppets and power point pictures plus a variety of materials from the making of my books....

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  • Curriculum Vitae

    Stafford, Liliana – Curriculum vitae Born South Harting UK 18th March 1950 Lives and works in Fremantle Western Australia Published author of twelve books and illustrator of one Self taught I have been painting full time for five years and making sculpture for three Galleries 2016 Xanadu Gallery Scottsdale Arizona. 2013-16 David Giles Art Gallery Fremantle WA 2017-2018 Paper Bird...

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