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Author / Illustrator

Castaways again


This year both Ed and I have work in Castaways both the main exhibition and the small works exhibition.

Install is this week and opening  23rd October.

Earth’s Cradle – mud balls, fibre. Castaways is about recycled or repurposed materials and you can’t get anything more recycled than earth and water without which we would have no earth.

Ed’s piece is is called Two Trees and is made from a grass tree and pine building timber off cuts.
eye of the storm- wood

The main exhibition on the beach is larger pieces and Ed’s is called ‘The eye of the storm.’ It is made from off cuts of building timber glued together and carved.
Our earth-fibre,wire, roots,vines. aliminium base

My large piece on the beach is called ‘Our Earth’ and is a seed pod for mud balls made from fibre,willow, vines and wire. The base is aluminium road signs treated with ferric chloride.

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