Artist / Sculptor

Author / Illustrator

Liliana Stafford

Artist/sculptor, author/illustrator.

I am a story teller and multimedia artist.

My work is inspired by  normal everyday happenings and by seen and unseen world’s colliding – referencing simultaneously the natural world and layered human relations.

I am fascinated by : an invisible wind moving a visible leaf and messages that arrive at midnight demanding to be heard.

My works are created using techniques that seek to purposefully bypass the critical mind. I  scribble in notebooks, draw with my non-dominant hand and play with wire. This allows an unconscious process of creating that allows certain complexities to form that may not have initially had the space, or language to.

I do things badly in my own way~ Greyson Perry

Through my work in schools sharing my books I meet many children for whom English is a second language. I  also work in indigenous communities.  I am concerned for  those who struggle to belong whether from race, gender, class or disability. As a storyteller I strive to create a safe place for all of us.

Creation takes place through proficiency, passion and the joy of play~ Geta Bratescu

My art is my life. I use my art to translate the world around me.On an ordinary day I move from painting,  sculpture, writing and installation.

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If you want to see the work come to my next exhibition or visit  Paper Bird Children’s Books and Arts. My books are in the book shop and my art often hangs in the gallery above.