author, illustrator, abstract artist

Liliana Stafford

Abstract Artist/wire work sculpture, author/illustrator.


Liliana StaffordTo succeed is good, to fail is not so bad but to never have had a go is the saddest thing.
– Liliana

I have created this site so that I can share my world of art and literature. Writing, painting, drawing and wire work  are my life. I am a communicator and stories and art are my medium.

Ideas come when I take the time to live life slowly and approach the world around me with an open mind. If you can see the stars at the end of the world they are not there.

 New Born by Liliana StaffordAll my life I have followed an invisible thread that leads me forward from writer, to artist ,to sculpture. The lines on a page have become lines on canvas and paper. Recently they have become lines in wire. 

In my art I work with stones, wire and broken line to address feelings of the psyche and the spirit. The wire work sculptures are an extension of my 2D work.  The art speaks to the natural world and the complex layers of human relations.

Upcoming exhibitions:

Meraki Vol 3 exhibition

Most of my original art work is available on the shop art page but sometimes it takes a while for it to make the move from my gallery. if you see something you like in the gallery please contact me to see if it is available. You can also visit my studio at Paper Bird children’s books and arts. My room is next door to the Paper Bird Gallery and my work often hangs there. If the door is closed you are welcome to knock and visit my studio. I am happy to ship to anywhere in the world.

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