Artist / Sculptor

Author / Illustrator

Welcome to Surya


Surya is our latest Artist to join the gallery at Paper Bird and the youngest. I’m sure everyone who sees his work will be intrigued that a boy so young can draw and paint with such maturity and confidence. I look forward to displaying his work in the gallery.


Surya is an 11 years old artist from Boya in Perth Hills where he lives with his parents and a cat. He attends Treetops Montessori School in Darlington.

Surya started drawing his first impressions of people, animals and cartoon characters around the age of 3. His favourite medium was pencil and pen.

When he was around 6, faces of family members had become Surya’s favourite subject.

Portraits in pen and sharpie are still his much-loved expression.

Surya’s interest in drawing, painting and art in general has been growing ever since.

He loves experimenting with water colours, ink and in acrylics Surya has discovered suitable medium to explore his inner worlds.

He is self-taught.

Surya loves school and his friends, he plays soccer and is a big lover of cats.

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