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Web of Life – Cloak of Many Colours


Although I am aware of my exhibition in May next year I am also aware of the need to be present in the work. Several pieces are on the go and they all inform each other. I move from piece to piece then go for a walk to let the work settle and find its rhythm.

The wire blanket I am knitting began as a vague will O the wisp idea to create a blanket for refugees but over time it has become so much more. The knitting is full of holes and runs in all directions, like our lives and it is resilient.

As the blanket grows I begin to understand what lies within those dropped stitches and loose, uneven threads. I feel I am making it for me and then for all those who live in the minority. I celebrate our differences and our ability to survive and shine. We are all stars.

The wire is both strong and beautiful. The finished piece can be a blanket or a cloak.

The skills I use I learnt from my Mother. They are the skills taught for homemaking. We all need a home where we can feel safe. I make my blanket/cloak in the hope we can find the courage to live well and share the love,

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