Artist / Sculptor

Author / Illustrator

In the middle of suburbia there is a lake


Nearly every day I walk around Manning Lake and my art and writing are inspired by what I see and hear.

Next year I have decided to have an exhibition that is centred around the lake. So often we spend time and money visiting wild places but ignore those places that exist on our door step.

The exhibition will be called ‘Still life’ and will happen in May or September 2019. I have been thinking about how language is linear while music allows several tones to sound simultaneously and painting introduces space. In the exhibition I want to have all three: art, music and language. I also intend to record the process.

The first step is acquiring and learning how to use a video camera. My phone is simply not up to the job. I will record the lake and its wild life over the space of a year plus the making of some of the art work.

Meanwhile I am writing about the lake, the words arriving slowly after my walks.

In the studio I am grappling with 3d artworks made from hundreds of small blocks and wire work hangings. Next to my chair in the living room is a piece of wire knitting that is full of holes.

The works are inspired by the lake and true to what I see there but they are not copies. They go beyond, seeking to express the truth that I see and feeI when I walk in nature.

The exhibition will be held in the new Whitespace gallery in Fremantle.

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