Artist / Sculptor

Author / Illustrator

The joy of wire


The wire work is taking over my life and I see the connection with works on paper and canvas.


There is a joy working in the wire making manifest what I feel and see on my daily walks round Manning Lake.

The Stone Catchers

The stone catcher nets are energy lines capturing the stones which are symbolic of significant others (human or animal). The significant others lend support in times of crises either in a concrete way (money, food, shelter) or by their presence. The wires are deliberately fine to show that many fine wires can still provide support.

Each day I move between the wire work and works on paper and canvas. Inspiration comes the more I work and spurs me on to try something different. Greyson Perry says ‘I have to do things badly my own way.’ Mistakes are gifts that you don’t know you want until you accept them.

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