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New Work in the Paper Bird Gallery by Harsha Quartermaine


New work is currently hanging in the Paper Bird gallery by Harsha Quartermaine.

Harsha Quartermaine has enjoyed investigating various themes through her art since she was a child.  She studied art in England at Sir John Cass School of Art and Kent University obtaining a fine arts/illustration BA Honours Degree.

Effects of Isolation (Paraonia) - Harsha Quartermaine

Effects of Isolation (Paraonia) by Harsha Quartermaine

Harsha has exhibited in mixed and solo exhibitions in many London galleries including the MacKenzies Gallery, the Whitechapel Gallery and the Institute of Psychiatry Gallery.

Is it Safe (New York Street Cries) - Harsha Quartermaine

Is it Safe (New York Street Cries) by Harsha Quartermaine

Harsha’s work mainly includes painting, printmaking and life drawing. Her paintings are acrylic, charcoal, pencil and varnish on stretched paper and Paper Bird will be showing paintings from her ‘House’, ‘Paranoia and ‘New York Street Cries’ collections.

Pope Rules (House) - Harsha Quartermaine

Pope Rules (House) by Harsha Quartermaine

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