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New Year, New Work


Hello everyone, the New Year has brought changes. I have given up the studio at Paper Bird but have an open invitation to visit and paint there whenever I like. This has been a hard decision to make but three wonderful artists will share the space and I will still manage the gallery.

To begin the New Year I have asked Guundie KuchlingRita SaidBen Sherar and Greg Isaac to exhibit. Each of these artists are dedicated to their practise and have a unique voice. If you live in Perth and feel like a visit the gallery is open every day. Go in the book shop and up the stairs to your left. The gallery is at the top of the stairs. Greg Isaac and David Green have taken over my studio and you are welcome to knock and say hello.

Meanwhile I am settling back into my studio at home creating work for another high end art market at Ferguson Foundry and an exhibition with David Green in April in the Paper Bird Gallery. Working with another artist to produce a body of work is always fun and a challenge. Ideas bounce around and surprises happen.

I continue to work in ink and acrylic on both canvas and paper but I am also experimenting with 3D forms for the painting. The wirework is always changing and growing as I experiment.

I question often why be an artist in a world that often seems indifferent. The answer is, ‘because I am.’

Enjoy the summer.

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