Artist / Sculptor

Author / Illustrator

Wire, glass, wood, and lines


Creation takes place through proficiency, passion and the joy of play.
~ Greta Bratescu.

Photo by Maureen Malone.

Joy of play is the key for me whether writing, drawing, or twisting wires. When the joy goes out of it I will stop. It is my defence against a world that seems to lack compassion.

Photo by Maureen Malone.

Near where I live there is a stunning wetland/park. I visit almost every day to watch and learn. The birds and animals in the park have a life that is more free than mine. There are dangers and it saddens me to count the tiny ducklings and see some are missing but there is a sense of order also. Sometimes my mind skitters away to dwell on it’s problems but if I focus on what is there in front of me: the patterns on the tree bark, the colour in a moorhen’s feathers, then I am drawn back into what is real and I return to the studio ready to work.

Photo by Maureen Malone.

Life is messy, it contains both form and chaos. My expressive drawing has no form, it is necessary chaos. The linear marks create order. My titles are simple because they book end the abstraction and highlight how chaos lives beneath the simple and everyday, like at the park.

The wire work is like drawing in the air. I enjoy the feel of the wire in my hands and the randomness of the patterns it creates. Combined with wood and glass I feel like I am echoing what is there in the park.

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