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LIFE LINES Exhibition Round-up


“So glad we dropped in.”

“Thankyou for the experience. Whimsical!”

“Cool beyond imagination!”
— LIFE LINES exhibition guests

After an exhibition there is always a let down and then a period of reflection followed by what next?

LIFE LINES ExhibitionIn this case we travelled to NSW to see our gorgeous grandson Ollie and his parents. On a trip to Yamba I found some Japanese fishing floats in a market. I bought three and immediately began to dream of more wire work using the floats amongst the wires.

I also bought some inks in a crazy art store in Lismore where everything was stacked on the shelves still in it’s packaging and if you moved too quickly pads of paper, brushes and pens cascaded onto the floor.

The works on paper using the inks are taking on a life of their own and I just follow. I know that it is about memory and being vulnerable and each mark requires me to dig deep and keep my feelings open and raw.

The exhibition feels like a catalyst for something bigger and I am excited to know what is there.

Here is a photo of the floats, and I will post some of the works on paper on my Instagram feed.

Liliana Stafford fishing floats

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