Down the Rabbit Hole:

Seeking Treasure

An exhibition by Liliana Stafford

11-21 October 2019
Whitespace Studio Gallery, Fremantle
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Artist / Sculptor

Author / Illustrator

‘Vivid’ exhibition.


A new exhibition brings so many challenges and is expensive so why bother? For me it’s an opportunity to see my art displayed as a cohesive body of work and get some feed back. Manning the exhibition gives me a feel for where my strengths and weaknesses are.

The dead line makes me focus and can throw up surprises. I am never ready, never confident but up for the challenge.

‘Vivid’ is with three other artists and working together is another test. The work is often quite diverse so how to display it?

I am blown away by what the others produce and pushed to work harder and with more focus.

Seeing the work on the walls is a joy.



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