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Book to play. Amelia Ellicott’s Garden hits the stage


126A3250 Me Jonathon and the cast.Nothing could have prepared me for the sheer delight I felt at seeing my story Amelia Ellicott’s Garden become a play for children and adults alike with La Luna Youth Theatre in Townsville.

I felt like Alice in Wonderland but instead of going down a rabbit hole I stepped inside the pages of my picture book and met all my characters, some as actors and some as larger than life puppets.

The play was everything I had hoped and more.

Janine Padgett  held the whole production together with her realistic portrayal of Amelia Ellicott. The puppeteers filled the stage with magic and Imogen  D’arcy provided the perfect foil to their antics in her portrayal of Petra Martinovich.

I will be sad to leave them all behind and wish it could go on forever.IMAG0058

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  1. Imogen aka Petra says:

    You are awesome I hope we will be able to go on with the idea of a tour through Queensland and Perth I was sad to leave the play today but who knows it might go on

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