Artist / Sculptor

Author / Illustrator

Working in glass


A medium that both delights and tries my patience. The small glass pictures are two layers of glass illustrated separately then fused. The larger blocks are ten to thirty layers. The birds are cast in a mold then fired. Glass for me is a special kind of alchemy that fills me with joy.

Seelie Birds

I began making Seelie Birds about for year ago first in tissue paper,paper clay and soapstone, then glass.

The glass Seelie Birds are created from the other birds which are used as a mold for casting. They are the ace of Seelie Birds.

Recently I began making small glass houses under the title Hireath  ‘a spiritual longing for a home that maybe never was’

And I have just begun making molds for a series of small figures called ‘Lilet’ or ‘night people’