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Update on The Garden Dwellers

trood and the hairy caterpillar-inkTrood above the pondTrood in bed-ink



The first book for The Garden Dwellers called “The Wrinkle in the fence’ is finished and others are coming along. These little books have been a long time coming. My little grand daughter Molly wasn’t even an idea when I started. Here’s hoping they will be published by the time she can read solo. The illustrations are still a work in progress but here are my latest drawings for the little Y fairy Trood. She is talking to a caterpillar, sitting in the red gum tree above the pond and alone in the big bed.

Update is that there is now only one book called ‘The Garden Dwellers’ and I won’t say anymore except the story has grown and changed and I am racing against time to publish before Molly learns to read.