author, illustrator, abstract artist


Liliana is an award-winning artist, sculpture, illustrator and writer 

During her five years as an abstract artist Liliana has won multiple awards for her paintings, adding to the accolades her twelve books have collected.  Liliana’s painting ‘Still Life’ was Highly Commended in the 2015 South Perth Emerging Artist Exhibition. her painting ‘When the rain came’ was the overall winner of the Freedom School Exhibition 2017

Liliana’s  work is inspired by seen and unseen world’s colliding – referencing simultaneously the natural world and layered human relations. She is fascinated by the unseen manifested physical: an invisible wind moving a visible leaf. Through her use of abstract acrylics and wired sculptures, these messages are hummed with revelled abandonment.

Her works are created through an automatic drawing technique, using her non-dominant hand to purposefully bypass the critical mind. This allows an unconscious process of creating that allows certain complexities to form that may not have initially had the space, or language to. The wire work is seen by Liliana as drawing in the air.

Both current and past exhibitions will be listed on this page. Don’t hesitate to contact Liliana if you have any enquiries about exhibition work.



22nd November – 4th December 2016

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South Perth emerging artists exhibition October 2015. Highly Commended in the acquisition category for ‘Still life’.

Still Life 76x76cm

Still Life 76x76c

One day a bird sang-Sold

One day a bird sang

Freedom School Exhibition November 2012

City of Wanneroo art awards 2013

City of Gosnells art award 2013

Mandjar art award March 2013

Freedom School Exhibition July 2013- Highly Commended for painting ‘One day a bird sang’

Cockburn Community and Cultural Council Art and Craft Exhibition October 2013 -Highly Commended (Where the land meets the sea).

South Perth Emerging artist exhibition  October 2015 Highly Commended for ‘Still life’

Freedom School Exhibition Moore and Moore Gallery 2017 First prize for ‘When the rain came’

Paper Bird story house  – 42 Henry St, Fremantle (next to the Moore art gallery and Moore and Moore cafe)