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Books by Liliana Stafford

Liliana Stafford has published twelve books, two of which have been published internationally. She has won the Hoffman Award and been shortlisted for the WA Premier’s Award and the Environment Award.

Liliana’s highly-acclaimed children’s book Amelia Ellicott’s Garden has recently become a play with La Luna Youth Arts in Townsville. Amelia Ellicott’s Garden was also an honour book in the 2001 CBC Awards in two categories.

  • Heipparallaa by Liliana Stafford


    Windy Hollow Books, 2008. This delightful book takes us inside the contrasting worlds of two young girls from Australia and Finnish Lapland. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Alidia and Maaria become pen friends, and send each other e-mails detailing both their real and imaginary lives.
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    llustrated by Elina Jarvinen
  • Mr Billy's Goat by Liliana Stafford, Illustrated by Suzie Byrne

    Mr Billy’s Goat

    Windy Hollow Books, 2008. The day was sunny. The goat was hungry. He opened the gate to his yard and went outside. When Mr Billy goes to town to buy a new coat, he remembers to feed all the animals except the goat with disastrous consequences. A delightfully noisy tale for all ages. Available in PB and HB.

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    llustrated by Suzie Byrne
  • The Stone Elephant by Liliana Stafford

    The Stone Elephant

    Windy Hollow Books, 2007. A moving story that explores the relationship between us and the natural world through the powerful imagery of elephants.
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  • The Shy Mala by Liliana Stafford, Illustrations by Sophia Zielinski

    The Shy Mala

    Windy Hollow Books, 2006. The Shy Mala,based on a true story celebrates the survival of an Australian native animal and, with it, the traditions of the Warlpiri people. Short listed for the environment award.
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    llustrated by Sophia Zielinski
  • Shah by Liliana Stafford


    University of Western Australia Press, 2004. Shah is the story of a love affair between a young teenage girl and a beautiful but emotionally damaged horse. Only available as an e book
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  • Grandpa's Gate by Liliana Stafford

    Grandpa’s Gate

    University of Western Australia Press, 2003. Suzy loves to help Grandpa in his metalworking shed as he works on his "creations". When Suzy moves away and Grandpa becomes too old to care for himself - when everything seems to be changing - it is one of Grandpa's creations that brings them together again. Short listed for the WA Premier's Award.
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    llustrated by Suzy Boyer Heart
  • Digger by Liliana Stafford


    University of Western Australia Press, 2002. Luke remembers the first time he saw Digger. The big bay gelding had raced Luke's bike along the fence line, galloping up the paddock like his tail was on fire. Before long, encouraged by his new friend Penny, Luke swaps bike-riding for horse-riding lessons. Cliff, who has owned Digger since he was a foal, offers to let Luke keep him at home, but Luke's dad is against it. When Digger unexpectedly goes missing, Cliff, Luke and friend Gino hit the road to rescue him in a journey that will take all their courage and perseverance. This book won the Hoffman Children's Choice Award.
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  • Chiko Book 2; A Race is Run by Liliana Stafford

    Chiko, Book 2 – A Race is Run

    University of Western Australia Press, 2001. In this dramatic sequel to 'Chiko: Through the Starting Flags', Penny Yarrick and her pony Chiko, face challenges that will change them forever - bushfire, the biggest cross-country event on the pony club calendar, boys, and final heart-breaking challenge. Penny is growing up and her legs dangle past Chiko's belly. Soon she will have outgrown him. But Penny is determined to keep Chiko forever. A book to touch the heart of those who love horses and ponies.
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  • Chiko Book 1; Through the Starting Flags by Liliana Stafford

    Chiko, Book 1 – Through the Starting Flags

    University of Western Australia Press, 2001. Penny Yarrick has a new showjumper - a feisty Welsh mountain pony named Chiko. At first he is almost too much for her, but they share one love: jumping. Together they form a partnership that takes them to the Royal Show, and along the way a deep love develops between the girl and her pony. A book for anyone who has a horse or pony, or has dreamed of owning one of their own.
    This book won the Hoffman Children's Choice Award.
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  • Amelia Ellicott's Garden by Liliana Stafford and Stephen Michael King

    Amelia Ellicott’s Garden

    Scholastic, 2000 reprinted up and including 2016.. Amelia Ellicott lives with her cat Mustafah, next door to a block of flats. She is proud of her garden and her chickens, but she has no one to share them with ... Until one day a storm destroys it all and Amelia discovers the value of friendship. This book has an added charge for postage of $5. Only available in Paper back
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    llustrated by Stephen Michael King
  • The Snow Bear

    Scholastic, 2000. Bruun befriends and feeds a snow bear when she is locked up in the polar bear jail. When she won't leave town, he accompanies her on her return to the ice in winter, starting a special relationship.
    This book is only available in the US version

    llustrated by Lambert Davis
  • Just Dragon by Liliana Stafford

    Just Dragon

    Cygnet Books, 2000. Emma and her Grandpa live near the sea, and the harbor is their favorite place. They go fishing together, and fly a big paper kite in the park. And when Grandpa is too tired to go out, he tells Emma stories of the sea. The best story was about some sailors on a long wooden boat with a great carved dragon on the prow...
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    llustrated by Margaret Power