Down the Rabbit Hole:

Seeking Treasure

An exhibition by Liliana Stafford

11-21 October 2019
Whitespace Studio Gallery, Fremantle
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Archive for August, 2018

  • New Work in the gallery


    Welcome to our new artist in the gallery. Marie Mitchell is a contemporary mixed media artist who lives and works in Perth, WA. A native of Vancouver, Canada, her thread paintings are thought provoking and evocative, prompting a dialogue about our future. Employing a large variety of surface techniques, fabrics and stitch, Marie creates evocative, lifelike imagery that tells a...

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  • In the middle of suburbia there is a lake


    Nearly every day I walk around Manning Lake and my art and writing are inspired by what I see and hear. Next year I have decided to have an exhibition that is centred around the lake. So often we spend time and money visiting wild places but ignore those places that exist on our door step. The exhibition will be...

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