Down the Rabbit Hole:

Seeking Treasure

An exhibition by Liliana Stafford

11-21 October 2019
Whitespace Studio Gallery, Fremantle
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Archive for June, 2018

  • The joy of wire


    The wire work is taking over my life and I see the connection with works on paper and canvas.   There is a joy working in the wire making manifest what I feel and see on my daily walks round Manning Lake. The Stone Catchers The stone catcher nets are energy lines capturing the stones which are symbolic of significant...

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  • In the gallery


    Hanging in the gallery till the 14th June are my new Stone Catchers and some large hanging wires. Then there is a new exhibition by Liv Robinson. Liv draws from all aspects of her life to create these stunning works. Liv has expressed herself creatively her whole life. She first started to exhibit her art in collage and continued throughout...

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