Down the Rabbit Hole:

Seeking Treasure

An exhibition by Liliana Stafford

11-21 October 2019
Whitespace Studio Gallery, Fremantle
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Archive for January, 2016

  • Line, mark and colour.


    A new painting begins as something not quite there; a colour or colours seen together, a need to draw without knowing where the line will go, a twist of the wrist that makes a mark. I reach for a certain brush, a tube of paint and begin. Soon I am there in that place where I sense a flow, sometimes...

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  • UnchARTed


    I have joined a new art collective called UnchARTed, 745 Beaufort St Mt Lawley, next door to IGA. UnchARTed is a collective of almost 40 artists who contribute to the shop. The standard of merchandise is high and the artists dedicated to creating a beautiful space. In the back are rooms for workshops and exhibitions. It’s a long way to...

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